Soft Shackle for recovery - 14ton from Wild Dog 4x4 

R 395.00 R 495.00

Advantages Over Steel Shackles: 

Almost twice as strong as cable for the same diameter. 

It floats - no more losing shackles in the water or muck! 

Flexible - easily wraps around the most difficult pulling points! 

One piece construction - no pins to fasten! 


Off-Road Recovery 





How To Use: 

Open shackle by loosening and slipping off loop over knot 

Thread through eye of Kinetic Rope or strap and through tow point Loop eye back over knot and pull to tighten 

Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for proper attachment points 

Do Not attach to bumper, trailer hitch ball or sharp edged tow point 

Loop eye back over knot and pull to tighten 

Pull as normal. Wild Dog 4x4® shackles are designed to take the load without stretching. 


The soft eye shackle can be washed off with water and air dried. While synthetic fibres are stronger than steel they are susceptible to wear and cutting. Always inspect shackle before use for excess wear, cutting, or worn and frayed areas.