R 395.00

The Safety Damper from Wild Dog 4x4 will absorb rope energy if rope failure occurs when pulling a heavy load.

The safety damper is a recovery safety device that has been designed to reduce the whipping action of a winch rope/cable/strap in the event of failure and diminishes the possibility of vehicle damage and/or personal injury. 

The safety damper should be placed in the middle of the winch rope, cable or strap. To install, simply pull apart the Velcro, drape the damper over the rope/cable/strap and compress the Velcro back together. Add dirt, sand in inside dampener pockets for added weight. 

Safety dampers are now mandatory for most off-road competition events.

Manufactured in RSA from heavy-duty material with neon orange tape for visibility features storage pockets for shackles, pulley blocks, or straps.