R 3,550.00

The Wild Dog 4x4® kinetic recovery rope is the ultimate recovery rope. During vehicle extraction, the kinetic rope stretches and absorbs enormous energy from the pulling vehicle. This energy  is then transferred to the stuck vehicle, resulting in an extremely effective and efficient vehicle recovery. 

Under max load, a kinetic recovery rope will stretch up to 40%. This stretch helps relieve the jerking action commonly felt during vehicle recovery, effectively reducing the amount of stress put through a vehicle and its occupants and allows for an even pull during recovery.

Breaking load - 15000 kg. Professionally hand-spliced in the RSA, the kinetic recovery rope is comprised of an Fibre Dyed Orange Nylon to provide maximum strength and protection from the elements. 

Rigging a kinetic recovery rope in this manner reduces stress to the individual recovery points on the vehicle and lessens the chance of tweaking the frame during difficult extractions. 

Stretch characteristics will reduce relative to the amount of use and can lose 10% of its tensile strength when wet. 

The kinetic rope can also be paired with a protective sleeving to protect your recovery rope and prolong the lifetime of the kinetic rope. Sleeve sold separately.