Aeropress Flow Control Filter Cap

R 695.00

Elevate your coffee brewing game with the new AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap. This innovative accessory uses a pressure-actuated valve to eliminate drip through and maximize control over the brew process to prefect your coffee, no matter how course or fine the grind.

Unlike the Fellow Prismo, this cap fits perfectly on all AeroPress coffee makers and can be used with AeroPress metal and paper filters - together or separately. Now you can make espresso-like crema and experiment with filters, pressure and grind easily.

- Produce espresso-like crema
- Improve dose control
- Increase extraction
- Eliminate drip through
- Now you can brew with any grind, coarse or fine.
- No need to use the inverted method, risking flips and spills.
- Complete brew control of every drop coffee to create your perfect coffee.
- Flexibility as it can be use with or metal, paper filters or both.

How it works:
- Place filter inside the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap.
- Attach to any AeroPress.
- Dose your coffee, water, stir and press to your preferred pressure.

No paper or metal filters included.

What's in the box
AeroPress flow control filter cap