R 2,099.00

Indeflate is used to inflate or deflate two tyres simultaneously, once connected it equalises pressure between the two tyres automatically.

The Indeflate 2 Hose Digital Unit has a 700KPA/100PSI Digital Gauge for convenient monitoring.

Indeflate is mainly for the 4x4 and over landing communities, but with such multi-functionality, it can also be used in numerous other scenarios like at service stations or anyone with a flat tyre.

Locally manufactured in South Africa, it has been tried and tested to withstand the forces of nature and last the toughest of over landing excursions.

Technical specifications

Anodized Aluminium Body. Scratch resistant
2 x 3m Hoses. Flexible and Ozone resistant
Patented dump valve system allows quick and easy inflation, deflation and equalisation of two tyres.
Clip on chucks for simple and safe connection to tyre valves.
Includes durable carry bag