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Introducing Indeflate: Your Ultimate Tyre Inflation/Deflation Solution

Indeflate is a cutting-edge device designed for simultaneous tyre inflation and deflation, automatically equalising pressure between two tyres once connected. Crafted with precision in South Africa, it has endured rigorous testing to conquer the harshest elements and withstand the most challenging over landing adventures.

Technical specifications
  • The Indeflate Bodies are made from Aluminium and are Precision machined To ensure the highest quality. After machining, the bodies go through a Military spec Hard anodizing process which make them highly durable and scratch resistant.
  • Has a 700kpa/100psi combination Gauge that is manufactured by one of the world’s leading suppliers of high quality pressure and temperature measurement products.
  • Two x 3m Air hoses that are highly flexible and easy to use; abrasion and ozone resistant and can withstand pressures of up to 2000kpa(300psi) and temperatures of 10C to +60C.
  • Patented dump valve system allows for quick and easy inflation, deflation and equalisation of two tyres.
  • Clip on chucks make it simple and safe to connect to tyre valves.
  • Include strong and durable carry bag makes it convenient to store.