Protecta Foam Sheets blue from Camp cover

R 200.00

These Protecta Sheets are a convenient way to keep your plates, pots and pans from getting scratched or damaged as well as minimise the rattling and squeaking whilst travelling.

Manufactured in non-toxic closed-cell expanded elastomeric foam and will not only protect your plates, pots and pans from damage and scratches but will also keep rattling and squeaking to the absolute minimum

The variety pack consists of 1 x Large (19 cm Ø), 1 x Medium (15 cm Ø) and 1 x Small (12 cm Ø) protection sheets

Please note that the sheets are not heat resistant !

Foam Specifications: Non-toxic, closed-cell, elastomeric foam, CFC and HCFC free, maximum flexibility, low compression set properties and superior shock absorption applications

Material: Elastomeric Foam (EF)
Padded: Yes
Primary Colour: Blue
Product Size: Large: 19 cm diameter Medium: 15 cm diameter Small: 12 cm diameter
Capacity: n/a
Water-resistant: Yes
Waterproof: No
Dustproof: Yes